Transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous liquid and solid waste

RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici can transport and dispose of different types of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, in solid, liquid and sludge forms.

The company is registered on the National Register of Environmental Operators, and authorised to transport waste. It has the authorisations and vehicles for transporting ADR waste (European agreement for the carriage of dangerous goods by road).

We possess national and international freight transport licences. With our large fleet of vehicles, RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici can tailor and organise services to meet the specific needs and requests of our customers.

RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici has a range of roll-off tanks available in various sizes and capacities that can be positioned on-site to provide storage of liquid and sludge waste.

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Cesspool emptying and cleaning

This service is offered to private and small-scale users. Biological tanks, septic tanks, and imhoff tanks are used to treat domestic waste water. It’s important to keep imhoff and septic tanks in good condition to safeguard health. Poorly-functioning septic tanks can off bad smells, become blocked, and accumulate waste, so it’s important that septic tanks are emptied and cleaned periodically, and that maintenance and routine checks are carried out during the year.
For emptying and cleaning services to the private and residential sector, RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici can provide a swift callout, assuring total versatility in managing even the most exacting needs (difficult-to-access septic tanks, confined spaces in condominiums, etc.). Work is generally carried out using high pressure water washing, which is adjusted to suit the size of the receptacle and the consistency of the sediment, using different cleaning devices (wands with nozzles). RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici has an expert team ready to provide you with a swift callout service 24/7. We’re also on hand to provide emergency assistance following major weather events.

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Municipal sewer systems

RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici can remove, transport and dispose of different types of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, in solid, liquid and sludge form. As the company is registered in the National Register of Environmental Operators, it is licenced to transport waste in categories 1, 4, 5 and 8.
The company holds national and international freight transport license.
With our large fleet of vehicles, at RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici, we can tailor and organise our services to meet the specific needs and requests of our customers.

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Video inspection of sewer pipes

RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici can carry out video inspection of underground networks for a range of different settings:

  • private: civil and residential public: local authorities, consortia and organisations
  • Public: administrations, consortia and companies
  • industrial: companies

RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici uses state-of-the-art robotic cameras and, where access is limited, manual pipe cameras or a Wi-Fi digital periscope. We provide a final digital report of all work we carry out.


RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici conducts robotic video inspection using high-quality colour cameras mounted on wire-guided self-driving trolleys, in pipes of differing cross-sections or diameters from DN 150 to DN 800. In the presence of pipelines with smaller diameters or with limited accessibility, pipeline manual cameras are used. To ensure optimum image resolution in all conditions, all our cameras are equipped with an optical terminal that allows for 360° rotation and with a 270° pan. Cameras are equipped with focus, zoom and auxiliary lights that can be adjusted both automatically and manually.


Once we’ve finished conducting the video inspection, RSE Riviera Servizi issues the customer with a final report, consisting of a detailed description of all potential anomalies detected in each individual section.


All video inspections are carried out by qualified RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici technicians and staff, all of whom have been trained to meet legal requirements, with particular reference to environmental and safety standards, and all of whom use the required individual and collective protective equipment.

Collection of amurca (olive oil lees) from olive oil mills

The provinces of Imperia and Savona have a large number of olive oil mills which produce a large quantity of amurca. RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici is equipped to meet the needs of producers of waste classified as "amurca (olive oil lees)". At our headquarters, we have extensive facilities for storage prior to disposal or recycling. This is an intermediate stage conducted before delivering the waste collected to a final waste disposal facility. This means that RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici has all the equipment to meet any need and transport requirement, and can offer extensive coverage and a timely, thorough service to any company that requires it. Removal and transport of amurca from olive oil mills to facilities suitably authorised to dispose of it requires an adequate fleet of vehicles and equipment, RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici is fully equipped to its customers with this specialist service.

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Recreational and commercial boats

The ports of Liguria and France's Alpes-Maritimes Department play host to a large number of recreational and commercial boats. Through its Servizio Mare, subsidiary, Gruppo Centro Petroli provides them with refuelling services, as well as being a Trading Partner of RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici. In fact, boats require their ventilation ducts, fuel tanks and bilges to be sanitised and cleaned regularly. RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici has gained specialist skills and experience which enable us to offer a range of services specific to boats. These include the cleaning of bilges and diesel tanks, and the washing of black water tanks. RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici is registered in the National Register of Environmental Operators, with registration No. GE 131 in following categories: 1 class E, 4 class D, 5 class F, 8 class F. The following services are offered in compliance with current legislation, along with the issue of all legal documentation:
Questi i servizi offerti, nel rispetto della normativa vigente e con rilascio di regolare documentazione:

  • cleaning and vacuuming of bilges and subsequent washing with hot water
  • cleaning, vacuuming and refurbishment of fuel tanks with issue of a Gas Free certificate
  • removal of spent oil from reservoirs and disposal service
  • chemical or high-pressure wand cleaning and washing of black/grey water tanks
  • washing of black and grey water pipes fuel
  • fuel filtration with Fuel Biocide treatment
  • pest control and disinfection of interiors
  • pipe cleaning and sanitation of laundry waste conduits
  • cleaning and degreasing of smoke extraction ducts and kitchen hoods cleaning of engine and generator exhaust pipes and silencers
  • chemical washing of engine and generator fresh water and salt water cooling pipes
  • video inspections with photos and videos of “before” and “after” images of cleaning (both air and water systems)
  • cleaning and sanitation of interiors and air conditioning systems

These activities represent part of the range of services provided under the Riviera Sanificazioni brand. This was created by RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici not only to respond to the health emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, but also to guarantee companies and public bodies a full range of cleaning and sanitising services for air conditioning system ducts, i.e. all equipment that circulates air inside a premises. For these activities, RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici provides services both at Servizio Mare facilities and directly at the quayside.

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Environment and air duct sanitisation

The emergency caused by COVID-19 has led to the need to adopt effective and safe protocols for the cleaning and sterilisation of environments in order to avoid – or limit as much as possible – the spread of potentially dangerous pathogens.


We carry out disinfection of environments by means of a “no touch” process, using a totally non-toxic and biodegradable solution, based on stabilised hydrogen peroxide, administered using an atomiser. The process generates a dry fog that quickly saturates the environment, creates no deposits and leaves no residue, as the size of the particles dispensed varies from 0.3 to 0.5 microns. Treatment with stabilised hydrogen peroxide is one of the disinfectant procedures recommended by the Ministry of Health for neutralising the Sars-Cov2 virus. Application is carried out using “Clean Cube PRO” atomisers which emit the hydrogen peroxide solution in a nebulised form: the treatment thus carried out is therefore certified compliant with the ANFOR NF T 72-281 standard.


n addition to the sanitisation of environments, it’s essential that these protocols are also applied to ensure air duct systems are correctly cleaned and sanitised. Without adequate maintenance, air conditioning systems can become a perfect breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and various pathogens. Poor or improper maintenance of these systems can lead to the buildup of fine dust in enclosed environments, thus increasing the chances of transporting and spreading bacteria and viruses.
Sanitisation of the air conditioning system, with regular technical, hygiene and maintenance inspections, both of the exterior and interior, along with individual components, must therefore be performed to improve quality of life. But that's not all: there is also a legal obligation (regional law No.24 dated 02 July 2002) to periodically inspect, analyse and clean ventilation systems. RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici offers services for the correct management of duct systems, by means of periodic technical inspections.
When fine dust and particulate matter builds up inside equipment it’s necessary to carry out thorough sanitisation, consisting of an initial cleaning phase and a subsequent deep disinfection phase.
It’s also for this reason that RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici is proud to have been an Ordinary Member of AIISA (The Italian Association of Air Duct Cleaners since 2020, as well as being a Regular Member of the N.A.D.C.A. (National Air Duct Cleaners Association

Pest control/Rodent control

RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici has been providing rodent and pest control services since 1986; we possess all the necessary qualifications as required by law 82/94 and Ministerial Decree 294/97 which cover cleaning, disinfection, rodent control, sanitation and pest control activities. At RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici we offer effective rodent control services, ensuring the utmost respect for both our customer's needs and the differing environmental contexts in which we operate. Thanks to our wealth of experience, we can guarantee safe, effective solutions to ensure maximum protection from these types of risks.


RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici offers a tried-and-tested intervention procedure that comprises the following:

  • an initial detailed survey and inspection, during which we look for tell-tale signs that indicate the presence of rodents, such as excrement, grease spots left by fur, gnawing damage and the presence of nests, as well as the direct presence of rodents in specific parts of the area surveyed;
  • a careful assessment of the situation based on the information collected by our technicians, in order to identify and plan the best and most effective method of intervention;
  • finally the rodent control activity itself, which involves one or more interventions depending on the type and severity of the infestation.

RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici can guarantee the very best solution to rodent infestation problems. We achieve this through the wide range of products and techniques we offer: based on our customer’s needs, the rat control products we use range from the classic rodenticide baits (more commonly known as "rat poisons"), to Ekomille, an eco-friendly pest control system with a very low environmental impact.
RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici upholds stringent safety measures and ensures the utmost respect for the environment, offering cutting-edge techniques and products – all of which are totally safe, and registered and authorised by the Ministry of Health.


Pest control needs to be conducted safely because many insects can transmit pathogens – especially species that typically frequent waste, sewers, excrement or rotting organic material. At RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici, we have many years of experience in this sector, and can guarantee pest monitoring, preventive measures, prompt pest control intervention, along with training for companies to enable them to limit or prevent any damage caused by insect infestations. Safe, fast and effective pest control services both for the home and for companies using the most advanced technologies and high-quality products to ensure not only the greatest effectiveness, but also maximum protection and safety – all with the utmost respect for the environment. To control and limit such problems, it’s not always enough to eliminate those animals that transmit disease – the so-called vectors – it’s also necessary to carry out thorough disinfection to ensure environments are healthy. Our intervention method is as follows:

  • initial survey to evaluate the type and extent of the infestation and identify the most effective solutions to treat the problem;
  • chemical treatments if an infestation is identified, using products with precise characteristics, all of which are fully certified and compliant with company policies designed to respect and safeguard the environment.

We can provide technical and safety details of all the products we use for our pest control activities. They are fully certified safe for both animals and humans and have been registered and authorised by the Ministry of Health.

If you need professional pest control, contact us immediately.

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