Storage facilities prior to disposal or recycling

PFor the management of waste, especially special and hazardous waste, it’s essential to have sound organisation, logistics, professionalism, and experience. RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici has tenders with Public Bodies, companies and private individuals for the management of special and hazardous waste, handling removal from the manufacturer to final disposal, with a guarantee of full compliance with current regulations.

In order to allow a more efficient management of the process, RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici owns a storage facility for special hazardous and non-hazardous waste located in Taggia (IM), via Periane 21. The facility is licenced by regional provision No° h2/134 dated 13.12.2018 authorising it to receive the waste referred to in the following codes:

  • Septic tank sludge 200304
  • Waste deriving from the cleaning of sewers 200306
  • Waste containing oil 160708*
  • Other bilge oils 130401*
  • Car wash sump sludge 070612
  • Syringes/potentially infected waste 180103*
  • Sludge from washing, cleaning, peeling, centrifuges and separation of components (wastewater from olive oil mills) 020301


RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici can also count on some close, tried-and-tested partnerships with companies that manage other treatment or storage facilities, for the correct environmental management of the types of waste that we cannot process on our facilities located in Taggia (IM).

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