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RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici is part of Gruppo Centro Petroli (www.centropetroli.it) and since 1986, the company has been operating in the ecology and environmental cleaning sector, providing waste transport, septic tank cleaning, rectification and vacuuming of sewer pipes, disinfection of environments and ventilation systems, and rodent and pest control for private customers, condominiums, companies and public bodies.

The entire waste management cycle is characterised by a series of phases which require specific authorisations (National Register of Environmental Operators Reg’ No. GE 00131), adequate means of transport and equipment. For this reason it’s always advisable to carefully check that the operator chosen for the type of service required has all the technical and professional requirements necessary to be able to carry out the task assigned to them accurately and expertly. For 35 years now, RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici has been present in the market with a fleet of vehicles and equipment which we keep constantly up to date with all the latest technological innovations and legislative changes, to ensure we meet all our clients’ needs. With this in mind, we’ve decided to provide independent and objective evidence of our commitment by having our systems certified by an independent body accredited according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 International Standards, which testify to our commitment to preventing and eliminating at source any and all possible quality defects and any environmental problems linked to our services. Currently, RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici employs a team of over 20 operators and office staff and is a major provider of ecological services in western Liguria. RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici provides or has provided services to all the main public bodies in the provinces of Imperia and Savona.

As a member of the Gruppo Centro Petroli, RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici has developed special partnerships with the following:

  • Servizio Mare (www.serviziomare.it) which has enabled us to gain specialist skills regarding services to commercial and recreational boats (yachts) including the cleaning of bilges, diesel tanks, and more generally the sanitation of equipment and on-board environments;
  • CMR Centro Manutenzione Riscaldamento (Heating Maintenance Centre), with which we share the "Riviera Sanificazioni" brand (www.rivierasanificazioni.it) for environmental cleaning and in particular air duct systems (air conditioning equipment and ventilation systems), culminating in 2020 with the company qualifying as an Ordinary Member of AIISA (The Italian Association of Air Duct Cleaners) and Regular Member of N.A.D.C.A. (National Air Duct Cleaners Association).

In addition, RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici owns 50% of Beusi srl (www.beusi.eu), a company that operates in the sector of recycling and recovery of organic waste (mainly vegetable waste) through composting, for reuse in agriculture, horticulture and the production of green biomass that can be used for producing energy. This business is authorised by the Province of Imperia and represents one of the few examples of separate waste collection and treatment and recovery of biodegradable waste, with the latter being reused in agriculture for the production of compost/soil

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RSE Riviera Servizi Ecologici is part of the Gruppo Centro Petroli. Since 1980, the Group has been committed to pursuing a business project in the energy and environmental sectors, aimed at supplying products and services to private individuals, companies and public bodies, with primary focus on improving quality of life and contributing to the sustainable development of the area in which it operates.

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